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  The convention planning is going very well to date.  We are quite pleased
with what has been worked out with the photo session, banquet and clinics
thus far. The off-site tour is still in the planning process and likely
won't be finalized for another two to three weeks.  This being said, the
official convention flyer and registration will be put forth to the
membership with the Q1 edition of The Arrow at the very latest (February).
However, this does not prevent you from making your hotel reservations
today.  By doing such, I can keep an eye on the number of rooms reserved and
add rooms to our blocks if necessary. Also, reserving your room early will
also give me an idea of convention attendance, banquet attendance, etc.. 


  Although a good problem in some regards, I fear an attendance number
beyond expectations as the society has been working with N&W and NS interest
groups on Facebook.  The interest from these groups thus far has exceeded
our expectations.  There is no matrix involved in planning for the number of
people that will attend but the metrics mentioned above do help.  In no way
am I rushing anyone.  All I ask is that if you have the luxury of making
your reservations in the near future I would be most appreciative.


  Within the next few weeks a "Call for Convention Volunteers" will be sent
out to the membership and public. This convention will require more than the
Board of Directors and Executives to properly execute the convention
activities.  Those that volunteer will not be asked to allocate all of their
time to "working",  we only need folks to donate a few hours for various
tasks.  Those that do volunteer will receive a convention hat and shirt that
will not be for sale to the public.  All of the details are forthcoming and
I would appreciate your consideration.




Todd Arnett

Director, NWHS

2018 Convention Chairman

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