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Email me your address.  I'll make a copy of the instructions for you.  There are 7 pages and 2 of them are on 11x14 paper.
I'll see how they look when scanned.

--Rick Morrison
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  I recently pulled from the closet a Red Caboose Models kit of the N&W BPa Box Car. This kit was sponsored by or sold through the N&W Historical Society.

  I acquired it several years ago and I am just getting around to assembling it. Unfortunately, I cannot find the instruction sheets. I either never received it or more likely lost it over the years.

  Though the kit looks fairly simple and I could probably do without, It would be helpful to have a copy of the instructions. 

  Does anyone have a copy available that could be scanned and sent to me.

  Red Caboose was bought by Inter Mountain some time ago. I contacted them and they are researching for me. I am afraid they don't have the instructions. They don't carry the kit, just a ready to run version.

  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


  Kevin Byrd
  Chesterfield, VA


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