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Mon Oct 30 15:11:20 EDT 2017

We’re somewhat early with the announcement this year; the lodge at Twin
Falls was already filling up, so we thought it prudent to reserve our dates

Our get together for 2018 will be Friday, September 28th and Saturday
September 29th of 2018.  If history is any indicator, about half of us will
arrive on Thursday the 27th.  The schedule will follow our usual
format:  Thursday
evening (probably over dinner) we’ll brainstorm as to where we’ll be
railfanning Friday.  Friday will be railfanning during the day, and back to
the lodge in the evening (railfanning in the hollers after dark lacks a
certain charm).  The evening will be seminars/clinics, etc., and planning
for Saturday.  Saturday will be railfanning during the day, then back to
the lodge for seminars, clinics, and enlightenment.

Since all the railfanning is in personal vehicles, no one is “required” to
go where the majority chooses to go. There is no registration charge, and
no “banquet”.  There is a 15 minute business meeting Friday evening for new
product announcements and the like.

Yes, it’s earlier than usual: there will be more leaves on the trees to
interfere with photography, but the weather should be a little bit better,
especially for trekking into the woods where the tracks used to be.  And a
good part of October was already booked up at the Lodge.  The dates we
picked were the least for “can’t make it” responses.

 If you have seen the report on the 2017 event, this year was more
structured than usual, as we chose to participate in two events—one in
Princeton and one in Mullens.  We have no agenda for next year, other than
some consideration is being given to doing the Glen Rogers Again; a few
long term members had expressed interest in going there, then found out
they couldn’t make it this year.  And we do have one member who gets grumpy
if he doesn’t get to go up or down the Winding Gulf Branch at least once.

You are all invited.  If you want to come, to get “our” rate, please call
the Lodge directly at (304)-294-4000, not the WV Parks toll-free #, and
mention “Virginian Railway group” when you call.

Some of us are looking forward to it already.

Frank Bongiovanni
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