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As of 1980, the number Walthers has assigned (32798) did not exist on N&W. It follows a small group (series 32700) of class F11 flats which were shorter. However, N&W did have ten bulkhead flats (70330-70339) of class F12 which were 53'2" long.In the 1964 merger they acquired three sets of NKP flats and two sets of Wabash flats, all of which were 53'6" long. NKP cars became F20 (203000-203049), F24 (203100-203249), and F26 (203250-203349). Wabash cars became F36 (300100-300239) and F40 (325500-235549).
Jim Nichols 

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 Here is the item in question. 

Item # 920-104106

N&W road # 32798

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Subject: Re: Walters Proto 53' flatcar I can find no N&W flat cars on the Walthers web site.  If you can give the catalog number I'll try again.  
Dave Phelps
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I see Walthers has released a 53' AAR flat car lettered for N&W.  Is the correct in detail for any actual N&W cars?


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