Virginian get together next weekend at Mullens

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Wed Sep 20 21:01:00 EDT 2017

As a special part of the annual Twin Fall Virginian Brotherhood
gathering there will be an event on Friday, Sept. 29th between 10AM
and noon - 1PM at the Virginian Railway Museum in Princeton, WV.  For
those who haven't seen the museum, or haven't seen it in a while, this
will be an excellent opportunity to see what has been achieved and put
on display there.

The museum will provide a videographer to record individuals' stories
concerning the Virginian as a railroad and as a hobby.  Everyone on
this list is invited.  Since this is several miles and one mountain
range closer to Roanoke we're also hoping some of the Virginian
retirees and enthusiasts from Roanoke and "points East" can make it
this year.

Also, there is still room for individuals to join the Brotherhood for
a weekend of fellowship and madness about oour railfan hobby.  Some of
us get to the Twin Falls Lodge (just outside of Mullens)Thursday
evening, but the actual gathering starts with the events in Princeton
Friday morning, and the "formal" portion (seminars, cerebral
discussions, and planning for Saturday)will be Friday evening at the
Twin Falls Lodge.  Saturday will be railfanning, with some individuals
opting to go to downtown Mullens for a special day there, and more
seminars and programs back at the Lodge Saturday evening.  Please call
the Lodge directly, not the WV Parks toll-free#, for our block and
rates, and mention "Viginian" when you call.

Hoping to see a lot of people there.

Frank Bongiovanni and the crew

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