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  The final preparations for the convention has perhaps caused some stress for some so I will opine regarding this topic in order to smooth things out.
  Several of us have spoken to various manufacturers about particular models just to test the waters. The most important issue of producing any given model is economics. A manufacturer has to determine the demand of a particular model and if such a demand would yield a profit. To better illustrate this point, the production of an RTR freight car can cost up to $100,000 and an RTR locomotive can cost up to $300,000. These figures are the total from concept to the store shelf according to a manufacturer that I have contacted. Please do not misread this. The society has not, to my knowledge, inquired about funding any model project. 

  What our society is proposing to the manufacturers is assistance from the archives in the form of data and drawings. The issue with this is the manufacturers often has a schedule that is of a faster pace than that of any archives of any society since said archives are operated by volunteers. The modeling committee desires to have conversations with the manufacturers to remind them of our volunteers and to perhaps slow the pace a bit.
  As for the BLI issue, I am not aware of any underlying issues that causes hesitation with my counterpart.  This said, I am open to discussions with any manufacturer that expresses interest in producing N&W and Virginian models that benefit the public and our society. I hope to see all of you at the convention.
Todd ArnettDirector

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> We are not going to be talking to BLI ever. With that said the ones 
> that I Dean Taylor have been talking to on my own (Alex) are talking 
> are interested with that said.THE NORFOLK AND WESTERN HISTORICAL 
> need to so there is a market and that we have been lacking in. DEAN 
Did I miss something? Where was it said about paying for production?

Jimmy Lisle
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