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We are not going to be talking to BLI ever. With that said the ones that I Dean Taylor have been talking to on my own (Alex) are talking are interested with that said.THE NORFOLK AND WESTERN HISTORICAL SOCIETY IS NOT GOING TO PAY FOR PRODUCTION. So it may be awhile we need to so there is a market and that we have been lacking in. DEAN TAYLOR at NWHS  

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who are the other manufactures being prodded to do some N&W engines like 
the M etc?

I would not want to contact BLI till there's enough back support froom 
dealers, modelers, but it looks BLI is up to the task.

Usually if you can make a model, it can find a buyer eventually.


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> If they can do a Class M, then they can do a Virginian PA as well. I'm good
>  for one of each.
> Greg Harrod
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> Hi,
> I just read in MRC that BLI is doing a program to run exclusive
> locomotives with groups.
> !?!?!? Can we do a Class M !?!?
> David

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