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> The CF Caboose was built in 1914+ with Triple "K" Brakes and then were 
> modernized to AB or sold as is.

     I can't comment on when the change over occurred, but, I can help 
you get your nomenclature correct. It is not a 'Triple "K" Brake'. It is 
a _control valve_ called the "/*_Type K_*/" control valve (more commonly 
called a 'triple valve'). The "triple" refers to what the valve does. 
That is, /*Charge*/ (the air brake system), /*Apply*/ and /*Release*/ 
the air brakes. So it is the "K" type, "AB" type, "ABD" type, etc., all 
of which we refer to as a triple valves.
     You may find the following link informative:

Jimmy Lisle

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