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The freight cars imported by Gauge One America were the J&M box car and the USRA twin hopper produced by Samhongsa. 
I have examples of the hoppers lettered for NYC, CCC&StL, PM, and MC. 

I have confirmed that the J&M heavyweights were done in two versions for the PRR K4; "sort of" tuscan red both lined and unlined.  The only other J&M painted cars were New York Central in Pullman green.   Any other paint scheme is a custom repaint. 

Eastern Railways imported two versions of the PRR H30 covered hopper, and an F30 flat car lettered for multiple roads.  Both were produced by Samhongsa. 

ER also imported the SD-45 and F-7. 

PSC in 1:32 standard gauge imported at least three versions of single dome tank car, a composite gondola with working drop bottom doors, and the single door PS-1 40 foot box car.  

Accucraft produced a 1:32 1932 ARA double sheathed box car marketed by Barrett Railways. 

PSC imported narrow gauge models in 1:24 scale including a K-27 in four versions, a 3000 series Rio Grande box car, UTLX narrow framed tank car, and UTLX frameless tank car ( including the GRAMPS version). 

Many years later they imported two versions of the Rio Grande long caboose, but in 1:20.3 scale. 

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> Gauge On of America imported the boxcar, covered hopper, and some American passenger cars made by J&M in several road names.
> The cars retailed around $450. The last cars I have seen sold for $150 to $200. They lack a lot of detail and would compare them to 60’s brass.
> PSC imported tank cars and some narrow gauge cars. Gauge One America also imported F7and SD45s from Samhongsa. Garden Railway imported
> The UP FEF, Hiawatha, and the N&W J (600 & 611).
> Stephen Rineair
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> Attached are two pictures of a N&W custom brass, painted N&W boxcar, class B1.  The story goes someone in the USA commissioned the train to be made by J&M. Don't know how many cars were made or when, nor do I know if all were N&W. I do know there was a N&W locomotive.  This was acquired at a York, PA auction about 10 years ago. The one car was out of an estate sale in PA. I called One Gauge of America but they were going though an ownership change and collapsed. Since One Gauge is in PA and they were having financial problems I think they just unloaded their inventory. I also contacted J&M in the U.K. via phone and email with no response. Recently I asked a friend living in the U.K. to do the research. J&M changed hands 2-3 years ago so there's probably no story to be had.
> If anyone knows more about this car or others like it that were custom-made in England, I'll welcome the information.
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