Brass N&W Class Y-1 2-8-8-2 in HO Scale

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Mon May 8 09:46:13 EDT 2017

I saw Fred Hill of the Coach Yard at the Brass Expo in Chicago last
October.  He had two unpainted Pilot Models of his 2-8-8-2 project.  I've
attached the photos that I took of them.

I plan on attending the next Brass Expo this October.  If Fred's there
again, I'll ask him about an X-1.  Like any Brass Importer, he will have
two main criterion: (1) How well did a similar, previous brass release do?
In this case, the 2-8-8-2 project, of which the N&W Y-1 was part of,
appears to have sold quite briskly.  At least as measured by the number
sold out at Dan's Train Depot.  And, (2) how similar were the 0-8-8-0s
purchased by the various railroads?  The Coach Yard 2-8-8-2 Project was
titled "Early Baldwin Locomotive 2-8-8-2s," so it wasn't too much of a
stretch to do a Y-1 when other roads operated similar 2-8-8-2s built by
BLW.  The X-1 was built by Alco.  I don't know if Alco also built the
0-8-8-0s for other railroads and/or how similar they were in appearance to
the X-1.  I do know that the Erie's 0-8-8-0s were radically different,
being Camel-backs.

Bill King

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