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It's an artists rendering/technical drawing. Colors will not be represented 
 correctly in these images. Let's relax a little before we hang these guys.
Richard D. Shell
Roanoke, Virginia
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Dean: I generally agree with you, however,  when you wait a long time for 
models to be produced and when they are  there are glaring mistakes. In this 
case the lettering and heralds are being  presented in yellow - wrong. The 
lettering was Scotch-Lite gold on  both the red and blue versions. We have 
some of the full sized appliques of  the hamburger herald for the blue version 
and they are in gold not  yellow.   Harold Davenport

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Amen but there are  modelers out  that get a bigger joy out of  saying that 
 something is wrong than  they do out of saying that  something is  right. 
Will this model  be spot on no probability not will it be close more than 
likely  yes. I'm in this hobby  to have fun and enjoy  trying to get  as close 
to right as I feel I need to but not make a  second  job out of my pastime. 
Dean Taylor 

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The lettering matches the photos.
I wish modelers would do the research before making a  making criticism - 
those who jump the gun.
Stephen  Rineair
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Athearn has announced four roadnumbers of  N&W GP9's. Two will be Pevler 
Blue and two in metallic Tuscan. All road  numbers will be offere as both DCC 
ready or with DCC and Sound. Sound will be  Soundtraxx's Tsunami 2 sound 


Road numbers are 502 & 508 in blue and  514 & 521 in Tuscan. Details will 
be road number specific. Artwork appears  that the scripted logo for the 
Tuscan units will be on a separate photoetched  plate. Hood lettering on the 
Tuscan unit appears a bit off to me, but I am  viewing it on a smart phone, 
hopefully Messers Brewer, Painter or Nichols can  comment.


MSRP will is $189.98 non sound and $289.98  with sound. Street prices will 
vary. Tentatively scheduled to deliver in late  January 2018.


More info can be found at



Russ Goodwin 

Oakwood , GA 




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