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This year the Friends of the Virginian Railway will be having our annual
get together at Twin Falls from September 29 to October 1.  Please call the
lodge directly at (304)294-4000 to get "our" rate; mention Virginian
Railway, Friends of the Virginian, or Tom Marshall, or ask for Novella.
Suggest not calling the WVa toll free number.

This annual get together is notable for being somewhat freeform.  About
half of us arrive Thursday evening (the 28th this year)and decide over
dinner where we're going Friday [since we have POVs  we don't all have to
go to the same place(s)].  Friday evening after dinner we usually have a 15
minute "business meeting", then clinics/seminars on Virginian history,
railfanning, and modeling, and figure out where we're going Saturday.
Saturday is railfanning, with clinics and seminars in the evening.

It's a tad earlier than usual this year which means it might be a bit
warmer, but there will be more leaves between your camera and where the
tracks used to be.

Although the emphasis is on the Virginian, we have broadened our horizons;
in the last few years we had a presentation on railroads in Vietnam, and
one of our trips involved a bunch of us going to Cass.

The registration charge for the event is $-0-.  Bringing money doesn't hurt
though, as there are usually items such as models, books, and photographs
for sale.

Everyone of good will with an interest in the Virginian or West Virginia
railroads(yes, C&O and N&W fan) is welcome.  Yes, Skip, you and your guys
are welcome; we even tolerate lawyer jokes.

If you want more information, please let me know.  If you have a
presentation you'd like to give us, likewise.

Frank Bongiovanni
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