Wooden Norfolk and Western Ho scale Boxcar models

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I am aware of, and have on order several, of the Accurail shorties. If subscribers here are not aware, Ray Breyer wrote a wonderful review of the prototypes that the entire Accurail series can represent. You can find it on Eric Hansmann's blog at 

I'm referring to the Oct 2015 email from Dean Taylor about a laser cut wood boxcar kit possibility by a laser cut manufacturer.  It was in the idea stage and I wondered if Mr. Dean had an update.



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> Accurail has announced a group of 36' DS boxcars (four different variations of ends and underframes) one of which is appropriate for the N&W class BI cars.
> Brent Greer 
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> Did anything come of this?  I don’t keep up with all the laser cut manufacturers, so they could have announced something and I wouldn’t necessarily hear.
> Dave Bott
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> A laser cut model
> Dean Taylor
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> Do you mean a model of a wood sheathed boxcar or do you mean a model made out of wood, e.g. Laser-cut?
> I model 1934 and would be interested in N&W wood sheathed boxcars in plastic or wood.
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