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Dr. Scheer: Sunset 3rd Rail offerd the streamlined K2 in both a third rail version and a 2 rail version several years ago. I have a 2 rail version. The model had a number of flaws and was not consistent from one model to the next.  The model I have has a crease on the top of the streamlined casing on top of the boiler which will require major work to correct. Also the drivers that came on the  2 rail version were way undersized. I have replaced the drivers with larger ones more closely matched to the prototype. The lettering and tuscan red strip are correct in dimensions but both are the wrong color.  There are several other problems with the K2 models that I will not go into here. I do not advise purchasing one of these models unless you are willing to rework and repaint the entire model. Harold Davenport

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Hello, all:

Has an O scale brass model ever been produced of the streamlined K-Class locomotives, such as N&W 126?  Most O locomotive models I've seen have been of the J-Class, for understandable reasons.

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