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I’m not a good primary source, living as I do in the St Louis area and with
no room for a layout.  (But I do collect avidly, and try to detail a few
models now and then.)  What I *can* do decently is edit, and work from
primary souces that the Archives might be able to furnish, to help with the
narrative and prototype substantiation for articles.

If these skills would be useful to you, then I’m very willing!

-Eric Bott

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Eric If I tell you that this is coming would you believe me? We are working
on a few modeling theme books for the society although I can't go into
detail now but we need modelers to also write stuff. Will you help us.  Dean

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One problem faced by most modelers of steam era settings is lack of
authoritative color information.  N&W modelers might have less of a problem
with this than modelers of other railroads, since N&W ran steam much later
nearly any other railroads, and certainly after stable color films (albeit
low ISO-rating) were available to the average photographer.  So there is an
excellent color record of Y-6, J, A, and S-1 exteriors.  But I’d appreciate
a single source of definitive information about cab interior colors,
standards for painting cab controls, lettering guides (especially the
capacity lettering for all classes of tenders, and for small safety
notices)—for both N&W and VGN locos.

Now that I’ve written this, I realize that there would be interest in
definitive data of this sort for all the NS legacy railroads as well—and
many of the legacy roads didn’t run steam when stable color films were
available to the average photographer, so the relative need is even higher
for modelers of those roads.

I would also appreciate color guides (and paint mixing guides?) for
passenger car and MOW equipment interiors.  There is probably even a
modeler or two who would appreciate definitive diesel cab interior color
information; I know I’d like that info for N&W and VGN electric locos.

For layout accuracy, a color guide for standard and exception structures
would be broadly beneficial.  Same for ballast colors on the various N&W
and VGN branches.  For extra credit, the guide could address how the paint
colors aged over time.

As a wild idea, somebody living close to each branch could take current
photographs of foliage in different seasons around that branch—which would
give all modelers a completely authentic photographic standard for *any*
modeling era.

The NHRTIA published a very high accuracy (but dissapointingly incomplete)
set of color chips for the NYNH&H railroad.  These were pretty expensive,
but a great resource.  The intent was to add additional NH colors to the
chips available for purchase until all the NH colors were represented (and
oh, my there was a bunch of them!), but I don’t think any were produced.

I suspect that NHRTIA didn’t find the color chip project economically
viable, and can’t recommend that the Society try this approach despite that
I would be ecstatic to have such a resource for N&W and VGN.  But maybe the
Society could achieve a consensus on how to represent the authentic colors
with reasonable accuracy, using today’s modeling paints.

-Eric Bott

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Hey guys the talk among friends and the Arrow staff are looking for
modeling ideas and articles. I am going to do some articles on the building
of my layout based on the Bluestone branch and hope to touch on some topics
for other branches as well. Also check out Model Railroad Hobbyist
magazine. It is a free E-mag and has some great stuff in it. Thanks Dean
Taylor email me at
taylor at
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