Y6b Tender decals

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Thanks Dean



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If you have a copy of N&W giants of steam there are a bunch of pictures there. Dean Taylor


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I once again am seeking information from the group.  I have been working on an A.H.M. Y6b that I had as a youth.  Yes it has the big flanges and everything.  I had taken the old lettering off of it and re-lettered for a different railroad when I was a kid.  Anyhow, I am trying to restore it to the N. & W.  I am using the Microscale decals for N&W steam.  I have tried to find a clear photograph either online or in some of the N&W books I have, of the rear view of the tender.  Some photos show no lettering, it appears.  Others have lettering but it is not clear enough to be legible.   Does anyone know the correct decals and lettering for this locomotive.  Thank you very much.


Mark Goodrich

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