Alco Models "Jawn Henry" on eBay

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I should add, I hardwired the trucks for powering, as the engine was 
built for the body to transfer power. Power isolating the trucks 
required that anyways.

I'd have to find that article about the guy who scratchbuilt his using a 
globe mechanism. It would be obvious to use standard parts on the 
trucks, I don't recall any specific diesel they could be from it could 
be a unique design for the Jawn specifically with some standard parts.

I'll get out my diesel spotters guide and poke around.

I was posting progress on the Model Railroader forums.

If you search you'll find the other thread, theres a youtube vid there


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> I question Eric's?hearing that N&W specified the same as Trainmaster trucks. In 1954 N&W owned no Trainmasters. Anyway, the trucks are quite different from each other, as he apparently found out. Not anywhere near the same quality, but I started a Jawn Henry 30 years ago using the trucks from the Mehano model of the Alco C-628. The sideframes of these are more like the trucks on the Jawn. Someday maybe I will finish it.
> Jim Nichols

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