Alco Models "Jawn Henry" on eBay

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Swapping may be more like it that -turning around-.
Exchanging positions. The trucks are mounted on a double articulated 
system. I may have had to do things with the tower itself, I don't 
recall, but it got the tower more centralized than at the end. It 
enabled sharper radii. No, 18 inch radius is not possible, 24 inch is, 
maybe it will traverse 22 inch like the one guy who handbuilt a Jawn 
with a Globe drive.
Swapping the trucks forced moving the gears on the shaft so the shaft 
jutted out enough to support the universal.

The Atlas truck swap may be a good idea, I bought a Custom Brass 
Pennsylvania PRR RT-624, because I couldnt find an EJ&E Baldwin 
DT-6-6-2000, they are very similar, some differrence. The trucks were 
having a hard time running also being left side/right side pickup, I 
researched and the Stewart/Bowser AS-6-16 had the same trucks, all power 
pickup, I bought a chassis drive and worked them onto the RT RT-624, 
some modding around needed, runs smoothly all wheel pickup.

The Jawn doesnt need the all wheel pickup, it has plenty of wheels to do 

I just rechecked my Jawn, ran great.

One of my models I am working on, I think its a little joe had these 
large universal rubberized joints and I think these are far superior to 
the other universals and run quiet because of the rubber. If I can find 
more of these I'd love it.


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> The wheel spacing on the trucks is not symmetrical - so 'reversing' trucks to align the gear towers results
> in a visually incorrect locomotive ?
> Jerome Crosson;  NWHS residing in St. Peters MO.

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