Alco Models "Jawn Henry" on eBay

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I have a variety of universal joints from a number of sources and I 
don't recall the maker, you have NSWL, MDC had some, a few other makers, 
I just scrounged for something and modded it, had to shorten things 
seriously as there is very little space. I'll have to relook at my 
installion what I used. I keep a variety of parts here because running 
to the hobbyshop anymore doesnt work because it takes for ordering so a 
project takes a long time to work on if I dont keep parts.
Many hobbyshops are not deep stocking anymore.


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> Lynn:
> I am very interested in what universal joint parts worked in this application-- especially between the truck pairs on each bolster.  Did you keep a parts list of the stuff that finally worked?
> Thank you!
> -Eric Bott
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> I already have a Jawn Henry thru ebay, I tried a few times to win one and came up short on the last second bidding, then one showed up at a high bid price, nooobody bidded but me.
> as is you need fairly wide radius curves for this engine but I was encouraged by an ole MR article someone hand built one with some Globe Drives and ran on 22 inch radius, so I gave mine a major workover, took about 4 months of trying this and thats and failures, ended up single motoring, reworking the power drives, changing the flex coupling between the trucks to a modded universal joint (this was critical as the flex was causing derailments and the old plastic didnt hold) it runs very well now on 24 inch radius with DCC and bright heqadlights
> (4 amp digitrax decoder) still figgering out sound for it.
> Critical was isolating the frame from trucks, modding kaddee coupler boxes worked as mounting separation. Body was live and tender parts touched the engine shorting.
> I may little tweaks yet to do on the drive train but its really good now. A little heads up if your interested in this engine.
> -Lynn-

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