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I think Richard is correct. I remember seeing 1775 in the dead line a number
of years ago. I saw it another time later in the dead line, still in blue,
but the trucks had been changed from brake cylinders up high to trucks with
brake cylinders down low.  At that same time, 1776 was in the line (before
the VMT got it) still in black. 


Phil Miller


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I believe 1775 may have made it to retirement in Pevler Blue. I never saw or
shot this one in black. If it was ever painted black I am not aware of it.




Richard D. Shell


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Hello everyone, I have a few questions about the SD45s.

First, did all 45s have center plate style grills on their dynamic and
radiator fans? I believe I've seen some photos of ones that didn't have
center plates, but I could not draw a firm conclusion. Also, how many fan
blades did they have? I'm presuming 8 for radiators and 10 for dynamics.
Lastly, did any SD45s make it to retirement in as-delivered Pevler Blue? 

-Evan Miller

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