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It is not made from two USRA tenders (that was Mason's guess, but the details are not USRA). My guess is that it is an enlongated version of what we fans call the "N&W 12," which was built with some Y2's and K1's. Apparently an experiment, which was not duplicated, and I have no idea what became of it. One of the features of the N&W 12 as built was that it had no separate underframe, the frame members being integral with the cistern. Apparently this didn't work out well, as all the N&W 12's were retrofitted with cast steel underframes a few years later. They also had unusual front steps, which were also replaced a few years later. If you look closely at the photo, you will see that this tender has both features of the as built N&W 12(and the lewis/pilcher trucks).I rest my case.
Jim Nichols 

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 I was looking through some of my N&W books yesterday for photos of M-2's and I found a photo of Z-1a #1460 equipped with a very unusual tender. It said it was made by combining 2 USRA tenders to increase the distance between water stops. Rather long, low and sleek looking, if not strange! The photo is very dark and details are hard to make out but it seems to have the Pilcher style 6 wheel trucks under it.
Does anyone have any further information as to when it was built and how long it ran? I gather it was a one of a kind creation.
Thanks for any information.
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works

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