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Matt -- 
The Arrow article series that Jim Nichols references was titled "Modeling an Accurate N&W Coal Train". The three-part series began in the March/April 2003 issue, and continued in subsequent issues. The first installment covered the 55-ton HL model by Stewart (now Bowser) and its variations, and includes several suggestions for upgrading the basic Stewart kit to "prototype model" standards. The second installment (May/June) covers additional 55T variations (H-5, H-7, H7a, and H-8) which can be modeled from the Stewart carbody, as well as the H-1. The final installment (July/Aug) covers modeling N&W's three-bay cars. A later article in the Nov/Dec 2005 Arrow offers suggestions for upgrading the Broadway Limited Imports class H-2a three-bay car.   
The first installment also lists the number of cars of each carbody variation on N&W's early-50s roster, and suggests the number of cars of each type needed for a roster-balanced 40-car model coal train.       
As you point out, it's hard to beat the look of an early-50s non-homogeneous N&W model coal train with its eight or nine carbody variations properly represented.    
Bob Chapman  

Recently I’ve become aware of the Bowser “Fishbelly” hopper painted for the N&W.  I have a couple of questions about it: 

    * Is this the same kit that Stewart used to produce?  Photos I’ve seen on eBay suggest they are 
    * I assume that the N&W never had this particular car (it’s lettered as a class HL) is this correct? 
    * Would this model be appropriate for 1938-1940 time frame? 

On the Accurail USRA front: 

    * Accurail has two N&W paint schemes; one with a smaller “N&W” and horizontal lines above and below the car number, and a second with a larger N&W and no lines over/under the car number.  My understanding is that the smaller lettering is earlier.  When did this change take place? 
    * Are there accurate decals for my era would be a good fit on both the Bowser / Accurail models? 

My modeling “style” leans toward prototype modeling, but I’ve long since decided that I’m content with USRA and other generic models that were around (somewhere) during my modeling era.  I like the idea of having non-homogenous trains of cars as every photo I’ve seen from the thirties show quite the smorgasbord of cars in N&W trains.  I think mixing Bowser and Accurail would help give this mix of looks; with reasonably accurate lettering, I’m content that the look would be reasonably convincing. 

Any other input on other workable hoppers is welcome (I do have two resin kits, as of yet unbuilt). 

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