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All: I took my Powhatan Arrow cars to Cary NC  for Jerry Davis' weekly
operating session. While the cars operated well and my Overland "J" had no
problem maintaining speed up the grades on Jerry's layout ( the "J" has
been re-geared. The Overland gearbox eat itself up on Jerry's grades
previouly.) everyone agreed that the paint was way too brown.  I also took
the cars to the NWHS Board of Director's meeting in Roanoke on March 18th
and got the same response - way too brown.  From the meeting I moved on to
Charlie Schlotthober's house to confer with him as to repainting the cars.
We took one of the coaches apart to determine the possibility of
re-painting and adding detail to the interior's.  The car was difficult to
dis assemble. One of the main reasons for the difficulty was that the
interiors did not come lose during shipping. They were never installed
properly. It looked like the interiors were just rammed in the cars and not
attached to the underframe. The design provided for three screws , one on
each end and one in the center of the underframe to hold the interior
platform  in place. We found only one screw in place on the far end which
lead to the bulging of the interior platform when it was rammed in the car.
Also the coaches do not have a defined vestibule on the interior layout.
Each end has the door to the next car in the end casting. This can be
changed in the re-painting but it makes the cars appear rather "tin plate"
and not a scale model.  Overall there was no quality control exerted over
the design or assembly of these rather expensive cars. I hope the set I
have can be salvaged but it is going to be time consuming and expensive.  I
don't think I will purchase any more passenger cars from "Golden Gate
Depot".  Harold Davenport

PS: Richard Shell - I purchase two sets of your "O" scale decals for N&W
passenger cars at the Rail Yard Hobby Shop when I was in Roanoke. They were
the last two sets Jim had. Nice work on the design and layout of the sets.
I will order more from you if the re-painting of the first car is
successful.   dhd


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Jimmy: I agree with you regarding the car designs both interior and
exterior. This is the main reason I plan to keep my set.  But mine look so
much more brown than yours I am wondering if there were two different paint
jobs applied to the sets.  Tomorrow, I am going to Cary, NC to visit my
friend Jerry Davis and attend his regular Wednesday operation session.
There are usually six to ten "O" scale modelers in attendance. I plan to
take my "Arrow" set and get their opinions of the color. We will also be
taking several photos of my cars and I will post them on the modeling list
to see how they compare with yours.  To get my set to look somewhere near
correct I believe that they will have to be repainted and decaled . Having
said that I will be looking for "O" scale decal sets.  Harold

    Here is a comparison of the previous GGD N&W PUllman and the GGD N&W
Arrow cars. You also remarked back when the Pullmans came out that they
were brown too. Good luck with your repaints.

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