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Glad to see you are at your "old tricks," Bob. As usual your modeling work is beautiful. The SP cab forward as a base for a Y7 gives me ideas.
Jim Nichols 

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 Fellow modelers: After a rather extended hiatus due to personal and family illness I have finally been able to get back to doing one of the things I enjoy most in life that being constructing models of N&W steamers. Attached are photos showing the current status of my scratch model of a Y2. When the tender conversion is complete it will go to the paint shop. Also attached is a photo of my rendition of the never built Y7 as I visualized it would have looked late in the steam era. I know a lot of rivet counters will be dismayed to know that it is based on an old AHM model of an SP cab forward with the wrong type drivers, valve gear etc. but I had the damaged model on hand so I thought what the heck I will give it a shot and see what happens. Some detail work is yet to be done and decals applied. Enjoy!

Bob McCracken


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