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Wed Feb 10 16:40:52 EST 2016

Those of you who have served know what they are.

This is, though, a serious question.  In laying track I ignored the above
p's.  As a result, all switches were laid without any consideration of how
to operate them.  So....AFTER the fact, while I'm sure no one else has ever
been so dumb, has anyone heard of a way to operate switches without ripping
up a bunch of track and the switch itself?  I know Micro-Mark has some
products that could help, but with the cost I would really like to get it
right this time.

Oh, by the way, some of the switches are beneath bridges and pretty hard to
get to, including the wye switch; the guilty party is just behind the two

IF anyone has experienced or heard rumors of other "not sharp tools in the
shed" and how they fixed the problem, I would be really thankful.

PS - would you favor manual or powered, like The Tortise?  Can it be
installed without ripping up track?


Thanks for any help.......


*Ed Svitil*
*Norfolk & Western Railway*
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