GGD Powhatan Arrow cars

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The cars are brown with no “Tuscan red/maroon” at all. 

The cars also have some interior warping and loose interiors during shipping.

Scott at GGD said there was a color change in the paint because of the finish used which reflects white light. Never heard that one before.

Over all the cars are very nice. I will be repainting mine.

Stephen Rineair


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Jimmy: Are you satisfied with the Tuscan Red color?  The pictures you have included look much better than the color on the set I got.  The interiors need a bit of work but I don't see that as a major problem.  Harold Davenport



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Hello folks. I thought that I would post the photos of my Golden Gate Depot O Scale N&W Powhatan Arrow passenger cars. 

Jimmy Lisle

P1 Crew Coach

P2 Two Compartment Coach

P3 Coach


P4 Observation

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