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> Jimmy: Are you satisfied with the Tuscan Red color?  The pictures you 
> have included look much better than the color on the set I got.  The 
> interiors need a bit of work but I don't see that as a major problem. 
>  Harold Davenport
     I would have preferred the color be a little more red, but, it 
isn't so bad as another member makes it out to be. Besides, there is 
nothing that can be done about it. Scott canned the manufacturer.
Think of it this way, would you rather have some generic set of cars 
with the improper number of windows, spaced out in some unknown fashion, 
interior to fit said windows and with whatever you think is the proper 
color of red or would you rather have these very nice looking set of 
cars with the correct windows and interiors, but, a color that may or 
may not be correct?
     A couple of things about color. Watch this episode of "Brain 
Games":   It is very 
The other is, this N&WHS needs to quit skirting the issue, get off its 
butt and come up with a shade of "N&W Tuscan Red" and provide it to the 
paint manufacturers. Only then can we fuss about shades of red! That 
purple tinted Scalecoat paint doesn't cut for the steam era! Personally, 
I think that the color Lionel came up with when they made their 18" N&W 
passenger cars was spot on. I can provide a photo if need be. Sorry, I 
can't provide a model, as I got rid of them because the windows were 
stuck on from the outside!
     So, yes, I am very satisfied with my cars and I am glad to have 
them. I wish we could get GGD to make a run of Pm coaches so that other 
trains could be modeled.

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