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Congratulations on your locomotive purchase.  The correct N&W coal cars really depends on what you find acceptable.  Broadway makes a very good model of the N&W Class H-2a 70-ton hopper car.  They have done multiple runs of these cars in the steam era lettering.  You might check with your local hobby shop about availability; train shows, and of course the internet, are other options. 
Stewart Models, now Bowser, offered a two bay 55-ton hopper that was based on a Western Maryland prototype, but is reasonably close to a N&W Class HL; many of the HL class were rebuilt to the H-9 class. 
Many years ago Overland/Oriental offered in brass the N&W Class H-4 emergency hopper; originally built in the WWII era with wood sides and steel framing, the wood sides would be replaced eventually with steel.  Both versions were offered.  N&W owned 1,000 of these cars so you only need one; however, when viewing vintage video from the steam era these cars stand out in a train due to the steel side bracing. 
To the best of my knowledge N&W did NOT own any USRA, AAR Standard, or AAR Alternate Standard design hopper cars; correct models of these designs are offered by Accurail, Tichy, Kadee and Intermountain.  The hopper cars offered by Athearn, Bachmann, Model Power, etc. do not match any steam era N&W hopper class that I know of. 
If you like to build models, Bob Chapman wrote a series of articles in the ARROW showing how to modify otherwise unprototypical hopper cars into N&W class hoppers.  Bob's articles were well written and illustrated. 
Hope this helps. 
Jim Brewer 

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I just purchased a Broadway N&W Y6B locomotive and I want to start purchasing the correct N&W coal cars I would find being pulled by this locomotive. 


Any help I could receive identify the correct cars would be appreciated. 


Thanks in advance for you help. 


Ed Wagner 

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