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Thanks Chris!
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Hello Erwin Jack,
If your Class A is an original Paragon it is a model of the 2nd run of A's from Roanoke shops.  Without looking it up, I believe that would be numbers 1210 thru 1234 inclusive (like 1218).  Spotting features for this series are alligator cross heads, bell on boiler centerline and 22C tender.  Now if it's a Paragon 2 with a 22I tender then depending on the side rods it would be numbered in series 1235 thru 1242. 

In regard to decals, Microscale offers a set which really need modification as they are applied (spacing).  My recommendation would be to find a Champ Decals Blue Ribbon Set #BRH46D.  They are the proper Dulux Gold and have the best selection of tender numbers and engine numberboards.  This set even has class insignia plates for the front cylinders.  This set is out of production I think. If you check EBay or some online shops you may find a set for 10 to 12 bucks.  Just make sure it's not BRH46 bronze lettering.

Throttle Up,
Chris Dalton
Bluefield WV

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