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Erik: If you go to the NWHS Archive and look under SD45's there is a photo of SD45 1777. This photo shows a simple square basket in the location you circled. This basket is to hold air hoses and maybe knuckles. It was not found on all SD 45s and was an N&W after delivery addition. Harold Davenport  
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Subject: N&W info needed from Erik of Midwestern Model Works for the upcoming O Scale models

I need to know what the object is that is circled in the picture below. I also need some dimensional info or a better picture of it if you know someone who can help. This seems to be a N&W exclusive. Other roads have nothing there, or they have an ECAFB cabinet - of which there are two versions.

I am currently correcting the GODs for N&W, so I need this as soon as possible if you're able to help. Thanks,Erik


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