CF grab irons and brake rigging

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Grab irons: I assume you would bend one the conventional way and then bend a second one with only one vertical member. Then you would have to join them together. In the past, this usually meant solder, but now ACC works just fine. Yes, it will be tedious.Brake gear: I'm not familiar with the Laser kit, so don't know what they have given you. I assume that the CF's were built with the old air brake where everything was in one unit. I also assume that later they were retrofitted with the more modern system where the cylinder, valve and tank were separate parts = but that's just my assumption. Anyway, I am sure they had air brakes. Maybe you can find some drawings in the society archives.
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 Does anybody know how to make the cupola roof grab irons for the CF caboose kit from LaserKits?  The instructions say it is tedious but make no verbal attempt to show how.  There is wire in the kit and it says it will take multiple pieces...I am pretty lost and want to build these kits but without grab irons it won't look right.
Also, what does brake rigging look like if there is no air cylinder?  The instructions say they didn't have automatic brakes (or something) which to me means that it didn't have air brakes at first.  I thought this would be an interesting thing to model.Any ideas?Thank you,Mike Shockley
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