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"Friendly" is an adjective I hadn't considered in this context before.  Mollie (or Molly; I'm not sure which is proper) does that for me.

Your point is worthy, although Clovis Man might have gone with Mastodon (had he know the term to apply to the living beast), since he was innocent of wheels, probably couldn't count to twelve, and probably really enjoyed eating meat on those occasions when he hadn't been killed by it first.

I could never figure out the logic of "decapod" for something that had 12 wheels (yeah, I know that only 10 were driven-but what about the Union RR's/NYC's/C&O's/DM&IR's/etc's 0-10-0's, and Union's 0-10-2's?) and no feet-or why "twelve wheeler" was suited for 4-8-0's, but not for 2-10-0's or 0-6-6 Mason Bogies or B&O's 4-4-4.

So I wasn't arguing on the basis of logic (merely history), and I admit that the friendly basis hadn't even occurred to me.

-Eric Bott

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So I assert without apology that N&W's Mollies were Mastodons.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
    Well, whatever floats your boat, but, try this experiment. Speak out "Mastodon". Now speak out "Twelve Wheeler". To me, "Twelve Wheeler" rolls off the tongue much easier than "Mastodon". "Twelve Wheeler" also sounds much more friendly than "Mastodon".
Just a little food for thought.

Jimmy Lisle
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