N&W 4-8-0 model clarification

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Fri Jul 17 17:29:30 EDT 2015

My first misteak was not specifying HO.  Partly because just about every
locomotive list I'm on has recurring reminders to be specific.  Partly
because I was aware from some O scale buds (yes, they're full size people,
but they model in O)of the Sunset O scale 4-8-0.

My second mistake was taking on an inquiry for someone else without double
checking which M sub class, and having some confusion regarding the M's.
Our discussions with the importer haven't gotten that specific, but in an
effort to get some popularity numbers--in other words to try to get some
sales from casual N&W modelers and non-N&W-modeler-fans&collectors--our
very tentative plans are to model the 4-8-0 that's at Strasburg.

I hope that narrows it down.

Please keep the "interested" comments coming, again, offlist to me at:

 vansconf at yahoo.com

Thank those of you who deconfused this Virginian modeler.  Especially those
of you who did it offlist.

Frank Bongiovanni
returning to his bench and the BAs, the AEs, and the EL3s.
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