Anybody want an N&W 4-8-0??

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I assume you're talking about doing a model of the class M since you referenced Strasburg/N&W #475. I would be interested in such a model. I think there's a large need for a quality model of these engines. I was told Bachmann had considered doing it and still had it on the back burner.

If you're talking about the class M-1 4-8-0 then I will not be interested. There are enough differences to make me not want that one.
Doing an M-2 would be of great interest to me.
This is all considering that it be of a BLI quality/construction or at least Bachmann Spectrum .
Thanks,Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works

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We have started very preliminary discussions with an importer/manufacturer for a new hybrid (metal and plastic, not gas and battery!!)N&W M-1.  From where we sit, this is a locomotive that a lot of us would like to have, and the availability hasn't made it easy.  Our discussions concern a 4-8-0, possibly painted and lettered like the M at Strasburg, with sound.  We're looking at an MRSP of $400-500.  
To continue our discussions, we need some numbers to give the importer.  So if you are seriously interested, at that price point, please let me know.  Again, these are preliminary discussions, we're obviously no asking for any money at this time.
Please contact me offlist:   vansconf at
Frank Bongiovanni  NWHS Modeling Committee

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