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Did anyone get my post with an attachment of 1013 pictured in 1984 looking
very much a faded blue and a second shot in 1974 looking black or very dark
blue?  I sent it yesterday early afternoon.  I have yet to see it in my in
basket from the mailing list.  The 1984 shot very much appears blue.  But
if in original black paint in 1974 I don't see how it could have become
blue? So in 1974 it had to be blue.

Ed Painter - Narrows,VA living in North GA
On Jul 14, 2015 8:09 AM, "NW Modeling List" <nw-modeling-list at>

>  I have searched my files for the 1013, without success. But I
> photographed 1009, 1010, and 1015 in 1975 in the Roanoke dead line, and
> 1008 and 1014 in the same place in 1977. All were black with various
> lettering schemes.
> Don't know if this helps, but I share the doubts that 1013 was ever blue.
> The window for repainting units delivered in black into blue was brief and
> it is highly unlikely that the 425s were up for repainting.
> Bill McClure
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