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That 1984 picture is certainly blue.


One strange difference between these two pictures. In the 1974 picture, the
hamburger herald under the window has a gold N&W on a dark background (same
as all the others I've seen).  In 1984 it's a dark N&W on a gold background.
I don't recall seeing another example of one like the 1984 picture.


Carl Woods

Richmond, VA


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I have 35mm slides of 1013.  The 2 taken in 1974 show the locomotive
appearing to be black?  The one in 1984 appears to be a very fading blue?
If it were black in 1974 and repainted after that date it would not have
been painted blue.  Bothe the pics I'm attaching are Kodachrome.  Neither is
taken under ideal lighting conditions.  Fading, dirty blue and black is an
interesting study when looking at N&W locomotive slides (I have several 1000
shots of N&W diesel locomotives).  Attached are 2 shots. The 1984 shot sure
looks blue and the 1974 shot sure looks black???????  But again if it were
actually black in 1974 it would never have been repainted in blue as it
appears in 1984.  Is it actually blue in 1974?


Ed Painter - From Narrows, VA living in North Georgia

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While still looking for photo evidence before proceeding with decaling on
the 1013,  I found this slide:


Slide - NW13121 for a GP38AC photo which is coupled to the 1013 in
Hagerstown.  While the 1013 appears blue does anyone possibly know the date
of the photo.  I am trying to confirm she may have stayed blue till


Thanks in advance,

James Wall

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