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1013 is black in the photo (as built).
Jim Nichos 

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 This is the C425 I want to match.  I shot her with black  but after some research found that a lot of the C425 High hoods were retired in the original blue.  So question is, is she blue or black in this photo?
I had picked up a bottle of the ATSF blue after this discussion when I started this project.  I have since seen three Wabash blue paints, one used by Lionel, the Badger ModelFlex and a custom mix I have not found again.I have modeled this unit with some custom made parts.  I picked 1013 because she is listed as stored in Roanoke pending disposition at merger time in 1982.  She is now on the New York and Lake Erie and was the star locomotive in John Candy’s movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles.  Yes she is still alive.
James Wall


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