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My name is Blane and this is my first post in this email discussion group about N&W modeling. Today I have a product to share with you that has been missing until very recently.

The story began with a pair of "NW" RS-11s from Atlas dating back to mid-2000s. When I decided a year or two ago to keep their factory paint and make them more prototypically accurate, I discovered a body modification. All N&W purchased RS-11s had shutters/vents added over the air intakes at some point in the early 60s. I searched Walthers and other places for possible solutions, but couldn't come up with any leads.

A month or so ago, I came across a company called Cutting Edge Scale Models. They happened to make these vents/shutters in N scale and I inquired about them being produced in HO scale. The owner of the company was willing to do so but needed a shell for measurements and I supplied one on loan for it. 

The parts are available on Shapeways and on the company's own website in both scales. The detail is quite nice and makes adding that prototypical detail much easier. I'm not sure if this company or product had been mentioned before, but I thought it was worth sharing since N&W bought 99 examples of the RS-11 which lasted through most of their diesel era and roamed most of the system.

Happy modeling to all!

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