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Joseph: The K2's and K2a's had Duplex stokers when originally built. In the rebuilding in 1946 they all got Standard stokers. The Sunset model has the crew trapped in the cab by the Duplex coal screws.  I have rebuilt the trailing truck on my K2 and replaced the drivers with closer to correct diameter.  Removing the Duplex stoker will be a major undertaking. Also the entire locomotive and tender needs repainting. I am sure that there are those who think the tuscan strip is the correct color. I do not. It is another case of PRR baby s--t brown and faded gold.  Other items to be changed would be the location of the bell. ( the bell sat on the pilot beam after the cooling grills were cut into the pilot shield. Before this change the bell was on top of the boiler and was never attached to the underside of a step.)  The decorative chrome piping on the front of the skyline casing will all have to be removed and replaced since all of the piping lengths are incorrect and on my loco. they are falling off.   Harold         PS: The only reason I kept the model is that it will never be produced again in O scale.    
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Does anyone on this mailing list own a K2a and if so can someone tell me if it has the correct stoker? I imagined the K2a had a Berkley stoker, but I saw a picture of the backhead of the Sunset 3rd Rail model and it did not look like it had a Berkley stoker.

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Joseph Congemi
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