O Scale Golden Gate Depot Powhatan Arrow

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/On 6/16/2015 9:09 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> ///I am trying to get Scott to understand that N&W tuscan red is 
> different than PRR tuscan . So far I have had no luck. He still thinks 
> that the tuscan he applied to the PS 10-6 pullman cars for N&W is 
> correct for N&W tuscan. I have told him twice today that it is not 
> correct. The PS 10-6s N&W purchased were painted and lettered to match 
> PRR tuscan since they were in PRR/N&W pool service. The N&W tuscan red 
> is much more red than the PRR which is more brown. Harold Davenport /
     I don't know where this came from as I don't remember you ever 
posting anything about it when the Pullman cars were released. I do have 
the GGD Pullman cars and I do not think that they appear anything like 
the brown PRR shade of tuscan  red. To me, the cars appear to be an 
acceptable shade (being as there is no published etched in stone proper 
shade) of N&W Tuscan Red and I will be quite happy if the color of the 
new Arrow set matches the previous cars.

Jimmy Lisle
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