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Some additional N&W passenger cars worth knowing about, but almost certainly irrelevant to the upcoming 611 fan trips:

Bethlehem Car Works produced two N&W head-end car kits (BEk baggage express, Kit 1430; MS3 mail storage, kit 1432; both ~$60 list, less trucks & couplers, unpainted but with decals.)  These are not shake-a-box kits, but within most modeler’s skills.


-Eric Bott
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Walthers is releasing an 85' Pullman Standard smooth side 56 seat coach.  They will offer it decorated for N&W.  The window arrangement of the model does not match any prototype N&W coach that I am aware of.  Caveat emptor!
Jim Brewer
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MTH produced a 5 car Powhatan Arrow set in HO, with interiors and interior lighting; see http://mthtrains.com/news/475.  I can’t speak to the accuracy of the window placements, etc, but the MTH passenger cars have always had a great appearance and they run well.

Overland, Key and Sunset all produced brass sets.  The Key and Sunset sets did not have interiors; I’m not sure about the Overland set, but the latter usually bring over $1500 on eBay, whereas the Key sets can be had for $500 - $700.

Key, Roanoke Rails, and Balboa produced single cars as well, all without interiors.  I don’t think the RR or Balboa cars came factory painted, but am not sure.  The RR S1 10-6 sleepers look pretty good to me, if you can paint.  Key offered at least the P3 coaches individually.

Division Point produced the BEj, an RPO (#96 at least), a diner (#1024 at least), and Business Car 101.  All are gorgeous, and priced accordingly—the diner alone will probably set you back more than the entire MTH set. At least the baggage, diner and business car were offered in both tuscan and blue colors.

Railworks produced several very nice variants of the PRR BM-60b baggage/mail cars.  If you get the variant with the wagon-top roof, no vents, you can add the 4 globe vents over the 15’ RPO area to make a good replica of a N&W BMj.  (Check photos for vent type and placement.)

If you’re modeling an excursion train, they will probably run a generic LWT baggage or two up front, rather than a BEj.  A Walthers or Rapido model would probably work fine.

And, finally, it’s worth a trip to the Tennessee Valley RR Museum (http://www.tvrail.com/pages/ride-the-train) to look at their restored N&W passenger cars (and a lot of other cool stuff as well—neat place!)

Best Regards,

-Eric Bott

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Good evening,

Does anyone know if any of the model manufacturers will be producing N or HO scale passenger cars with the return of the 611?  I have the newer N Scale Bachmann 611 and wondered if Kato, etc has approached the NWHS about passenger cars.

Thank you,

Lee Burns

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