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Fri May 29 23:15:14 EDT 2015

Midwestern will be doing all truck versions of the SD45. This will be the
most accurate Model ever produced!

"For those of you who have been anxious to see some progress on this
project, we now have a fairly major teaser for you. The images below depict
accurate renderings taken from 3D drawings that will be used in the making
of the trucks for our SD45 project. This particular truck frame is a Flexi
coil C2HL. We will be adding more components to the frame in the coming
weeks, such as traction motors, brakes, brake rigging, journals and all
other components right up to the correctly detailed bolster. It has already
been determined that our drive can be adapted to fit inside scale traction
motor shaped gearboxes, so these trucks will resemble the real thing in
nearly every way possible. Now on to the images..."

"There are six different types of Flexicoil trucks that will be implemented
to make these models accurate. The following is a list of the trucks to be
used on this project in the order of their manufacturing appearance
chronologically: C1, C2L, C2HL, C2H, C2HC and HT-C. The model pages are in
the process of being updated with what model received which type of truck.
The only truck left to list is the HT-C type, as all others have already
been listed under their respective locomotives."

Check out the website.
Stephen Rineair

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