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To elaborate more on what Russ provided.....When comparing the a Atlas C-31 model against my Overland C-31 and Overland C-32P models and looking at prototype pictures.......... (The Overland models are good prototype models.)

The Atlas C-31 copula is definitely more like the Overland C-32P but it does properly have the corner grab irons on all 4 outer roof corners as on the Overland C-31 copula.
The Atlas C-31 roof including the walkway is like the Overland C-31.  
The sides on the Atlas C-31 model including the window configurations are like the Overland C-31 except the middle most window when looking at the side with the cupola offset to the left (and the smoke jack also being to the left of the copula) is located in the right location but should be the same size as the other 2 outer windows on the side -not smaller. The smaller middle window on the other side is correct.....this middle window on Atlas and Overland C-31 models are basically the same.  
The ends on the Atlas C-31 are more like the Overland C-32P except there are ladders for accessing the roof that are correct for a C-31.  
The underside is somewhat generic but has a tool box on the side opposite the air holding tank instead of a propane tank that is on both the Overland C-31 and C-32P models.
The smoke jack on the Atlas C-31 is on the opposite side of the walkway than the smoke jack on the Overland C-31.

There are a lot of good caboose pictures (from various angles) of all N&W caboose classes in the "Cabooses of the Norfolk and Western" by Bowers and Brewer.  The book is still available from the NWHS Commissary.

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA living in North Georgia 

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> Ed,
> Thanks for letting me know the Atlas is closer to the C31.  I will now start looking at road numbers to match the two I have to build.  I am coming up empty on the Moloco Cupola Kits. 
> James Wall
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