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> Okay, Guys. Here's the latest model offering of the Virginian AG 2-6-6-6. I
> think the color isn't correct but the sand domes look like they got the
> shape and proportion right this time. The number 906 is authentic and the
> placement of VIRGINIAN seems right on the tender side to me. Unfortunately
> they left the name off the front sand dome. It appears both engines swivel
> which will make many of you crazy!  It's gotten to be standard though
> unless you go for the very expensive brass import engines. The wheel
> arrangement is questionable but some may not find that an issue.
> Unfortunately, they did locate the bell wrong. The only available photo is
> of the right side of the engine so far so I cannot tell if the stoker
> engine is installed or in the right place. We can only hope. For some
> reason they built the engine with Stephenson valve gear. It seems every
> issue of a model always has something very right and something very wrong
> and this model holds true to that trend.
> At least we now have another Blue Ridge to choose from! Enjoy! I have my
> standing order in and my Grandsons and I anxiously await its arrival.
> Roger Huber
> Deer Creek Locomotive Works

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