The Newest Model Of The Virginian AG

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Mon Feb 16 19:10:58 EST 2015

Okay, Guys. Here's the latest model offering of the Virginian AG 2-6-6-6. I
think the color isn't correct but the sand domes look like they got the
shape and proportion right this time. The number 906 is authentic and the
placement of VIRGINIAN seems right on the tender side to me. Unfortunately
they left the name off the front sand dome. It appears both engines swivel
which will make many of you crazy!  It's gotten to be standard though
unless you go for the very expensive brass import engines. The wheel
arrangement is questionable but some may not find that an issue.
Unfortunately, they did locate the bell wrong. The only available photo is
of the right side of the engine so far so I cannot tell if the stoker
engine is installed or in the right place. We can only hope. For some
reason they built the engine with Stephenson valve gear. It seems every
issue of a model always has something very right and something very wrong
and this model holds true to that trend.

At least we now have another Blue Ridge to choose from! Enjoy! I have my
standing order in and my Grandsons and I anxiously await its arrival.

Roger Huber
Deer Creek Locomotive Works

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