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Interesting photo.

I'm certainly no expert on this.

Here is another version with the temporary paint that 2965 received:

The caption says it is receiving its black paint at Norfolk on February 10, 1983. Of course, it is actually Lamberts Point.

The lettering is an odd mix in the photo you posted, the larger NS style numbers, but the half-moon style lettering, which is 10 inches tall.

Obviously, we don't know the color of it, but suspect it was white.

Since February 10, 1983 was a Thursday, it was probably later on Friday before it lettering was considered, which means that very likely they would have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get a current set of stencils.

I'd hazard the guess that whoever was lettering it at Lamberts Point found a pack of old stencils on the shelf that were still usable or made to work, did not have anything newer in hand, and did not want to wait for a shipment from Roanoke. So, they used what they had on hand. I know there were still old stencils on the shelf in Roanoke at that time and even later. I remember seeing a whole box of half moon heralds, but the adhesive had all dried out.

Ken Miller

On Jan 2, 2015, at 5:39 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

> Guys,
> In doing some research for my SD39 since I acquired the parts to build one.  I ran across this photo:
> Photo is credited to Alan Gaines taken in New Haven, IN with no date.  My question is about the road name on the long hood, can anyone provide info on this paint scheme.  This might be the unit I mode if I can find out the height of the lettering and color.
> Thanks in advance,
> James Wall
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