Lynchburg, Va. area railroads

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EJ - At the time of that convention, I used a USGS map of Lynchburg for 
the overall relationship
of the three RR's.  The compact arrangement of C&O, SOU, and N&W along 
the river at the west
end of Island Yard, would keep model operators busy.  My friend Chas. 
Carangi (PRR modeler)
championed the idea "model the function, not the scene".  My own 
favorite locale was the series of
low trestles adjacent to the escarpment at the south side of the City.  
Much of the track little used now.

Jerome Crosson

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               Check my Blue Ridge article in the      N&W Historical 
Society's Arrow, n. 1, 2014.

      Best Wishes.  Frank Gibson

       On 12/02/2014 07:37 PM, NW Modeling List via NW-Modeling-List     

                   Wanting to model RR's in the Lynchurg area during     
      the steam and early diesel era.  Looking for track diagrams,       
    yards, main lines and other info on N&W, Southern,          C&O.  
Want to concentrate on N&W but also possibly          include other 
lines.  Any help would be appreciated.,


    Erwin Jack

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