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Nice to see Athearn coming out with more N&W SD-45's but I already have 7  -  3 NW blacks, 3 Pevler Blues and 1776.  Great models for the money.  I'm old enough to remember high hooding and super detailing Athearn's original wide body SD-45's beginning with cutting off the ends of the long hoods of Athearn GP-35's to fabricate the high short hoods.  Plastic models and models in general have come a long way since the 60's and 70's...................rnding the need for prototype modelers be real craftsmen.  With my vision and patience not being what it used to be that's not all bad...........

In looking at Athearn's information provided............why would the bell be mounted on the long hood?  That's the way the Southern did it but not the N&W.  Maybe Athearn should be contacted to see if it's a typo or an actual error in the upcoming models?  I have a couple of Athearn Southern HH SD-45's and this is where they located the bell "correctly" on them.......but as we know it wouldn't be right for N&W.

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> Well, since we are on the subject here is a copy from Athearn's "new" announcement posted today on their website.
> ATH98062.jpg
> N&W: 
> #1776: 
> • Paint scheme: bicentennial 
> • Previous production run: April 2008 
> • Era: 1974+ 
> #1796 and #1813: 
> • Paint scheme: blue 
> • Two new road numbers 
> • Previous production run: October 2009 
> • Era: 1969+ 
> All N&W Road Numbers: 
> • High short hood 
> • Bell mounted on the end of the long hood 
> • “F” painted on long hood end 
> • Front and rear MU hose catch trays with footboard 
> • "35-Line" battery box doors with single louvers and sub-base door stiffening rib 
> • Mirrors/Windwings fore and aft of cab side windows 
> • Leslie 5-chime air horn 
> • Firecracker antenna 
> • “35-line” ECAFB 
> • Flexi-Coil trucks with high mount brake cylinders 
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