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I have a full set of N&W's official drawings for painting 1776 (N&W Drawing # 38-I-100 dated Feb 4, 1974) that were given to me by mechanical department friends in Brewster, OH during the 1970's (along with a complete set of NW-Black paint scheme drawings for N&W diesels).........Per these official drawings the entire roof is black including the top of the high short hood.  .....But be sure to properly match the shade of black N&W used.........Dupont 826 67606U Poly-urethane.............. as listed on the drawing. You must use the right shade of N&W black......

MY JOKE.......we seem to have so much fun with N&W Red and Pevler Blue I'm sure someone out there has an opinion on N&W Black too! 

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> As the locomotive sits now in VTM, from my pictures taken Sept. 2013 only the long hood roof is black.  The Cab and short high hood appear to be blue.  Aa I look harder the antenna on the short hood appears black, So?
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