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I have to agree with Jimmy's points. I would prefer to make my own decision as to whether a new model is close enough for me or not and not have someone else decide I don't have the right to make up my own mind. I have a lot of brass models as well as other models. I don't think any of them is 100% correct for what they are supposed to be. Does that mean I shouldn't have purchased them? Should I have been denied the opportunity to be informed of the good and bad details or areas of those models? I would prefer to be educated as to the finer points of models rather than denied any knowledgeable input from "experts" on the group. The choice to buy or not is up to me and I'd appreciate a trained eye to guide my decision.

I have worked with and tried to work with several manufacturers and importers over the years. Sometimes they accept input and other times they turn a blind eye to help. I feel like that's their right. I also feel like we need to decide to not spend our hobby dollars on a poor or incorrect product if we so choose. The dollar rules and the manufacturers will notice and hopefully pay attention next time.

Personal feelings getting hurt because help was offered and denied is a personal problem and one's hurt feelings shouldn't prevent a critical review from being presented to the group or Society members and is more of a problem than an inaccurate model. If a manufacturer is offended by a critical review after denying help or information then so be it! Maybe you should accept outside input and maybe get a rave review that helps you recoup your investment. Pay attention to the folks who have the information.

Personally, the AG looks great to me. I found the tender a bigger factor than the domes. Some folks demand 100% accuracy but that's what makes this all so much fun! Lot's of modelers run Rivarossi 4-6-6-4's as Western Maryland M-2's. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Before the horde of N&W J models hit the market years ago I had a friend who ran 2 Lionel HO SP GS-4's painted like the J. Whatever works for you is ok.

Just my 2¢

Roger Huber
Deer Creek Locomotive Works
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     "When the
 model came out
            Rivarossi/Hornby asked the Society to
 give our blessings on
           the model and review the model in the
 "Arrow".  We refused,
           telling the person who made the inquiry that there
 were too
           many incorrect details on their model for the
 Society to
     Did Rivarossi/Hornby actually ask for
     "One of the major points is that each of us
 must find his or
         her own threshold of tolerance; that threshold will
 vary as an
         individual decides what is "good enough"
 that he is satisfied,
         or at least not offended, by what he sees in his
     Is it in the members best interests to
     reviewing N&W/VGN models? Would it not be better to
 give an
     unbiased review to 1.) inform the membership what is
 available, 2.)
     Point out the pluses/minuses, and then, let the
           decide if the model is right for
     Jimmy Lisle
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